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What’s My Excuse?

There has been some hubbub in the cyber world this past fortnight, because of this woman, Maria Kang. The backlash, both from the online community and from people I know, was passionate, angry and sometimes even vile. How dare she shame other women? ‘Fat shaming’ it was called. I watched this discussion unfold (mostly on … Continue reading

Gallipoli 1997

In 1997 (February) I was on the ETT1 (Contiki’s European Training Trip – the first one). This is what I wrote about going to Gallipoli. Leaving Greece we were on a pilgrimage โ€“ to Gallipoli.ย  Most of us were antipodean and we were keen to see where our ANZACs had landed, fought and died, and … Continue reading

And all women like pink…

Last week I listened to/watched a wonderful talk by Kirstie Clements, the woman who was the editor of (Australian) Vogue Magazine for 12+ years and was unceremoniously dismissed last year. The talk is an incredible exploration of women in the business world and if you have 25 minutes to give to it, you may just … Continue reading

Homeward Bound

              Our family is on the move. My partner, Ben, is being transferred to Melbourne, Australia early in the new year, and we are packing up and heading down under. For those of you who don’t know, this will be a homecoming for me, as I am an Aussie … Continue reading

My Inner Warrior

We started watching The Mindy Project when it began airing this fall. I’m enjoying the fast-paced, self-deprecating humor. And Kaling is clever, sassy and cute, which works well for the style of the show. In this week’s episode, one of the guys Mindy works with teaches her some prison wisdom; he encourages her to name … Continue reading

The world is watching

Four years ago I lived in Sydney, Australia. Four years ago I was part of the ‘watching world’ as we held our collective breaths waiting for election day in the United States. Like many of my peers, colleagues and family members, I was so pleased and so relieved, when Obama was elected in what we … Continue reading

French Women Don’t Get Fat (???)

A few years ago I read a break-through book by Mireille Guliano, who purported that French women (typically) do not get fat, because – and this is especially true for Parisian women – they walk everywhere, and eat small portions of all foods. They do not subscribe to the notion that there are ‘good’ and … Continue reading

Half-way there

As I start writing this, Gwen Stefani is demanding to know ‘what I am waiting for’. Perhaps her bleats from the radio are rhetorical, but I can’t help asking myself the same thing. What am I waiting for? Anything in particular, or is it all good, right now? Good bloody question, Gwen! In a few … Continue reading

Excess packaging

I have a somewhat minor frustration that comes up on a daily basis.ย  Packaging. I realized the other day when I was unsuccessfully trying to open a cheese stick, that U.S. manufacturers do not seem to discriminate between things that can poison us if ingested, and actual food. Trying to extrapolate the highly delicious and … Continue reading

I used to hate Woody Allen

I am sure my dislike of Woody Allen stems from my mother. She can’t stand him, and I have clear childhood memories of her saying so. “Yuk, he’s so icky,” she’d say, screwing up her face. As a child that stuff gets in there and it sticks. I grew up hating Woody Allen. In my … Continue reading