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Gap Year

There is an Aussie rite of passage that is not really part of American culture. This rite is also shared by the Kiwis, Brits, Irish and even the South Africans. It is the ‘gap year’, where young adults leave their home country and go on grand adventures. They almost always end by moving back home … Continue reading

Heatwave in Seattle

I have a confession to make.  I am one of those women you see at the gym who reads magazines on the cardio equipment.  I have another confession.  I feel superior to other women who read magazines on the cardio equipment, because I am working on level 20 while they are usually on level 4 … Continue reading

Excess packaging

I have a somewhat minor frustration that comes up on a daily basis.  Packaging. I realized the other day when I was unsuccessfully trying to open a cheese stick, that U.S. manufacturers do not seem to discriminate between things that can poison us if ingested, and actual food. Trying to extrapolate the highly delicious and … Continue reading

No excuses

Three months and five days. That’s how long it has been since I last blogged. Now, as millions of people world-wide are setting (and already breaking) New Year’s resolutions, I find I have no plausible excuses left.  And so I blog. Since I last wrote, I started working at Groundspeak, the days have turned dark … Continue reading