About me

I am a taveller, writer, educator, and proud aunty of Alexander. I hail from Perth in Australia, but thank my English dad and my American mom for instilling in me a strong sense of adventure and the desire to see the world. I have lived, worked and loved on three continents over three decades and until recently, lived in Melbourne, Australia.

Late last year, I published my first novel You Might Meet Someone, a romantic comedy with a travel flavour. Set in the Greek Islands, somewhere I have travelled to several times and LOVE, it invites readers to fall in love with the self-deprecating Sarah, while deciding if they’re Team Josh or Team James.

This year, I’ve embarked on two grand adventures. I’m taking a year’s sabbatical with my partner, Ben, and through the year we will live in Asia, North America, and Europe, and I’ve been writing the sequel to You Might Meet Someone, called I Think I Met Someone. It will be published mid-July.

Ben and I currently live in Minnesota, his home state, and are enjoying the sunshine and lake life.

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