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A revisited meme

A revisited meme

I first published this meme in March 2008, borrowed from the Sunday newspaper supplement. So little has changed that I’m re-posting it almost intact. Anything in blue is new. My earliest memory is being in hospital. I was 18 months old, and was there because I had stopped breathing. I was sitting at a small wooden … Continue reading

10 Question Meme

I was looking back over some previous blog posts and I came across this Stolen Meme, which I first posted in March 2008. I had forgotten about the two confessions at the beginning, but in reading them I feel warm affection for my former self. Whenever we watch the Inside the Actor’s Studio, I will … Continue reading

36 Things

This meme comes from Charlotte’s blog, and Helen’s before her. Helen got it from Lilian, who took it from Jennifer. It had 40 things on it, but Lilian didn’t really like three of them, so then it became 37 things. I could go through Jennifer’s 40 Things and seek out the three that Lilian didn’t … Continue reading

Travel Meme

Questions and answers about my favourite topic. Play along at home, and drop me a comment if you want to add your own answers. Where, of all the places you have never been, do you want to go to most? Southeast Asia – Camobodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam. Intrepid Travel has a 4 week tour I … Continue reading

Stolen Meme

Well, appropriated is probably more accurate, as I will credit this meme to the Sydney Morning Herald – weekend edition. Right off the bat, I confess two things in this blog entry: One. I used to pretend I had my own cooking show. Granted I was a pre-teen when I did this, but whenever I … Continue reading

Writing Meme

Charlotte Otter writes a blog called ‘Charlotte’s Web’ (link on this page), and on occasion she posts a meme. I appropriated this meme from Charlotte, who appropriately appropriated it from someone else. If you’re a writer too, then pass it on. It is about my passion for writing. I am loving writing this blog, and … Continue reading