Behind Closed Doors

I was reading an article about marriage in a women’s magazine about a decade ago and there was a quote from Angela Lansbury – yes, that one, the “Murder She Wrote” lady. She said that the secret to a long and happy marriage was a closed bathroom door and that she never let her husband see her put her pantyhose on. Of all the quotes about marriage I have heard over the years, this is the one that sticks with me. What it says to me is, ‘maintain a little mystery, even with the person who knows you better than anyone else.’

I consider this great advice.

Ben is away at the moment for work reasons, so at home it is just me and Lucy, the cat. When Ben is away the bathroom door is typically open when I am, ahem, using the bathroom (as the Americans like to euphemize). Lucy thinks this is grand and seems to think that the times when I am, ahem, using the bathroom, are good moments for her to seek out attention and be told how pretty she is.

When Ben is here, we consider this activity strictly a closed-door activity.  I know that there are couples out there who will disagree, but there are just some things that should remain a mystery. I have slipped a couple of times on the whole pantyhose thing, but every time I am putting on tights, or leggings, or pantyhose and Ben is home, I think of Angela Lansbury and try to do it behind closed doors.

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