Retreating to move ahead

Today I will be retreating to Whidbey Island for their Writers’ Association “Lockdown” Retreat. I will be locking myself away (voluntarily) with other writers – authors and poets – for two-and-a-half days on my absolute favorite of Puget Sound’s many islands.

My aims:
•    To get some ‘objective’ feedback on my book (the people attending don’t know me, so can only react to what is on the page)
•    To engage in meaty conversations about writing, prose, poetry and all things literary
•    To spent the weekend wearing Ugg boots and big chunky sweaters, drinking tea and whiskey (not at the same time)
•    To write, write, write
•    To learn everything there is to know about everything
•    To be challenged to be more innovative, more creative and to stretch myself artistically
•    To learn more about the business of books
I am retreating to move forward. I can’t wait.

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