3 days ’til Spring

Spring is three days away, and this is what we woke to:

In disguise

and this:

3 days 'til Spring

and this:

A dusting of confectionery sugar

It is a pretty sight, I must admit, but it is noon and 2 Celsius (36F). Brrrr. We were warned. We’d been told that February teases with bouts of warm weather, like we had last week when it hit the teens (54F), and then digresses into wintry weather once again. On days of warm, sunny weather I ran outside without gloves and a hat, and I got hot! Imagine!

Today is the digression. It is still novel enough to inspire me to take photographs, but I imagine that if I had to drive to work today – like Ben did – on slippery roads, the novelty would wear thin pretty quickly.

Oh, yes, and I am mindful that I am beginning to think of 13 Celsius as ‘warm’.


As I have discovered, the Americans do not consider the 1st of the month to mark the first day of the season.  Apparently, March 20th is the first day of Spring here.  I stand corrected.  These little differences are getting curiouser and curiouser.

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