My Inner Warrior

We started watching The Mindy Project when it began airing this fall. I’m enjoying the fast-paced, self-deprecating humor. And Kaling is clever, sassy and cute, which works well for the style of the show.

In this week’s episode, one of the guys Mindy works with teaches her some prison wisdom; he encourages her to name her inner warrior and call on her whenever Mindy needs to source her inner strength. Later in the episode, we learn the name of Mindy’s inner warrior, Beyonce Pad Thai.


I immediately wanted to name my inner warrior, pausing the episode to consider what she would be called. In my head she looks like a combination of Zoe from Firefly:








and this warrior woman I found online:








So, maybe something like this:








For those of you who missed that Firefly is awesome, Zoe is kick-ass. She’s cool under pressure, a formidable soldier, and most men are terrified of her, including her husband and her captain. I liked this second image, because firstly, she is fully-clad, which is more than I can say for many of her contemporaries. Also, she is regal, has a sword, which she clearly knows how to use, and she coordinates well with her steed.  The final woman warrior is “…the eponymous Artesia of Dara Dess, a warrior-queen, witch, spirit-walker and former concubine…” ( That is some kind of resume. I like that she has skills in multiple disciplines, plus she is leading an army of men, which I think speaks volumes for her credentials as a woman warrior.

My inner warrior certainly emerges from time to time. She does not suffer fools, is highly protective of her clan, and can silence the annoying, the dim and the fullhardy with a single look. She can be caustic and seductive, depending on what is called for, and she can paint an arrogant braggart into a metaphorical corner. She values loyalty, hard-work and accountability, and she has great hair and wears a pair of really tall, but comfortable boots.

Taking Mindy’s lead, I tried to add together the name of a long-admired woman and an Asian food. My first attempt was Anniston Kimchi.  Hmm.  Xena Spicy Salmon Roll?  Condoleezza Wasabi. Ooh, I like that!  I am still working on it, but I think I will have to abandon Mindy’s formula. Suggestions are welcome.