The Writer’s Other Half – Job Description #Writer

Oh, my, Lucy Mitchell has absolutely NAILED this. Brilliant post, Lucy. I am shamelessly re-blogging it.

If you think being a writer is difficult…think about what your loved one or other half has to endure.

Can you imagine how they must feel listening to you huff and puff over the opening paragraph of your first chapter?

Ever wondered what it must be like to sit and watch the person you love spend their entire day editing the hell out of three sentences?

I think we can all agree on this, the writer’s other half is a special human being with many interesting qualities.

So, I have given some thought to what the job description might look like for the writer’s other half.

Job: Vacancy

About The Role:

An exciting romantic opportunity has arisen for a self motivated, patient and enthusiastic individual required to love a writer.


Can change and will be dependent upon:

  • The writer’s love of social media. Hours will vary according to…

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