What’s On My…

This blog post is inspired by Renée who was inspired by another, who was inspired by…it goes back a ways…

BATHROOM COUNTER: Pretty things in seafoam blue. And tissues. My dad taught me that you should never have to be more than 10 feet away from tissues in your home. Of course, the box is seafoam blue.

PERENNIAL TO DO LIST: Don’t drink on weeknights; get a job; go outside at least once a day.

REFRIGERATOR SHELVES: yoghurt, cheese, white wine, olives, eggs.

ITINERARY: New Zealand. I won a cool trip.

FANTASY ITINERARY: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos for a month – with Ben.

PLAYLIST: My ‘work’ playlist is the Enigma Pandora station. My ‘play’ playlist at the moment is vintage Bowie.

NIGHTSTAND: The Passage (on my Kindle) and Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame. I barely got through the first part which described my greatest nightmare about being kept apart from your love because of immigration laws – but I do want to finish it). My silk eye-mask (get one – they are amazing!)

WORKOUT PLAN: Move every day – even if it is just to the grocery store (which is a km away and I walk and then bring everything home in a trolley – not one of the store’s trolleys – one we bought – and not a nana trolley – a cool one). Otherwise I spin, ride a bike, run or jump on the elliptical in our building’s gym.

Ipad: Draw Something, Reddit Pics, Facebook, FaceTime (with my fam in the UK) and gmail.

TOP 5 LIST: Hanging with my BF (Ben – best friend and boy friend); Lucy (weirdest cat in the world); riding all over Melbourne thanks to bike share; learning new stuff; possibilities!

BUCKET LIST: Retire from all other work because I am a published author – yeah, that’s it – I am doing everything else.

MIND: Making some $$ from the current cool projects I am working on AND our house-warming party next weekend.

WALLS OF YOUR FAVOURITE ROOM IN YOUR APARTMENT: I love our whole new place, but the ‘wall’ I love most is the glass one that overlooks the marina from our balcony – we call that our TV. People watching is super fun!

LIQUOR SHELF: Nothing. We need to stock up – hopefully our house-warming and an international trip will do the trick.


TV MOST NIGHTS: Ep after ep of our faves: Mad Men, Dexter, Buffy, Vicar of Dibley, Community. We have eclectic tastes. I just watched 8 eps back-to-back of Up All Night. LOVE it.

One thought on “What’s On My…

  • Hi Sandy! I love your list! ANd I LOVE Dexter. I always feel a little weird when I admit this because you have written so many other amazing things. But I see Dexter and it’s like…SQUIRREL! I am just infatuated with that show. I love its premise, and I wish I’d thought of it myself. So you are in Australia, eh? Congratulations on the new place! May you enjoy that “TV” wall for a very long time. People watching is the best! Thanks for sharing your list!

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