Posted in February 2013

Your Beautiful Feathers

In 1973 there were some significant births. My sister was born, which at the time I was not particularly pleased about, but I’ve since come around. And many of my oldest (pardon the use of that word here) and dearest friends were also born in 1973. You won’t have to remember any of your 9th … Continue reading

Lessons of a Proud Aunty

I am the proud aunty to Alexander, who is now 20 months old (I started to count out my age in months and quit when I got to 500). This is him: Yes, I completely agree. He is adorable. Even in a photograph with a cute bear, he is the cute one. These are the … Continue reading

Off the Beaten Track in London

I am currently in London, UK. Well, not the Buckingham Palace-Tower of London-Big Ben-West End-Leicester Square kind of London, but the real London. You know, where the people live. London people. I have been staying with my sister and brother-in-law (and their son, my nephew) in Isleworth, which is just outside of Richmond, which is … Continue reading

Diary of Cold Virus by Sandy’s Cold

Day One Victim has no idea I am here. I *love* this part, lying in wait to emerge at the least convenient time. When I do, victim will be racking her brain to work out if she’d finally succumbed to the cold her boyfriend has been nursing for 2 weeks, or if that baby sneezing … Continue reading