Posted in March 2008

Stolen Meme

Well, appropriated is probably more accurate, as I will credit this meme to the Sydney Morning Herald – weekend edition. Right off the bat, I confess two things in this blog entry: One. I used to pretend I had my own cooking show. Granted I was a pre-teen when I did this, but whenever I … Continue reading

Traveller or Tourist?

Years ago in another lifetime, I was a tour manager in Europe. I was responsible for running coach tours – 21 to 35 days for a well-known touring company popular with 18-35 year olds. My responsibilities ranged from accompanying a client to the hospital in Venice, to nursing broken hearts and hang-overs, and everything imaginable … Continue reading

Giving Back

Images of wide-smiled African, Asian and South American children in need, pepper our media so much so that we become immune to them. Even those of us who sponsor a child, or community through charities such as Oxfam Community Aid Abroad, Save the Children and World Vision, can become numb to why we do this. … Continue reading