Interviews & Events

Sharing some of the wonderful opportunities I’ve had to talk with podcasters and interviewers, as well as my publisher’s marketing team. Select each icon or button to follow the link.

Words and Nerds Podcast Logo. Old-fashioned microphone behind an open book.
Words and nerds Podcast: Discussion with Dani Vee about being vulnerable, fighting for your place in the world as a woman & positive mental health.

Facebook Live Event: One More Chapter Book Club with Sara Roberts, September 2021
Guests: Julie Houston and Jessica Redland
Facebook Live Event: One More Chapter Book Club with Melanie Price, May 2020
Australian Book Lovers Podcast: Authors for Mental Health with Kate Foster, March 2022
Australian Book Lovers Podcast: May 2021
Australian Book Lovers Podcast: Romance Panel, April 2021
Guests: Sue Horsnell and Clare Rhoden
Dear Creativity Podcast with Amy Isaman: February 2022
The Write Words Podcast with Hayley Walsh: November 2021

Other appearances

So You Want to be a Writer (Australian Writers’ Centre Podcast) with Valerie Kkoo & Allison Tait

Book Chat with Kim the Bookworm