My Novel – You Might Meet Someone

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Can you replace a cheating ex-boyfriend with a new leather handbag and a trip to Greece? Sarah Parsons is going to try.

After dumping her boyfriend – and the friend he was sleeping with – Sarah dusts off her passport and books an idyllic trip to Greece, sailing the Aegean on a yacht. Briny air, summer breezes, Greek food, and island beaches. She can’t wait.

But if one more well-meaning person tells her that she might meet someone in Greece, she’ll smack them upside their head. Before falling into a new relationship, Sarah knows she needs to get back to being herself, an intrepid traveller with a zest for life.

So, what will happen when she meets not one someone, but two – the cute man-child she has an easy, flirtatious rapport with, and the sexy, confident silver fox who promises something real?

Should she indulge in a holiday fling, embark on something more serious, or stay clear of men altogether and reacquaint herself with the fun-loving and fabulous Sarah who has re-emerged from hibernation?

Ten days, two men, one boat, and one big decision.


A message about the book

You Might Meet Someone is my heart-felt and (I think) hilarious debut novel. It delves into how to find your feet post-breakup when everyone just wants you to meet someone new. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Greek islands, this story is about exploration – both of a beautiful part of the world, and into the depths of a broken heart.

I wrote this book for the girl next door, the women I work with, my sister, my dearest friends, and for you.

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Coming in mid-2018, the sequel, I Think I Met Someone.

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