Someone Unexpected: Interlude

This passage sits between Chapters Two and Three. I am playing with narrative structure (which is incredibly fun) and will be including flashback interludes intermittently throughout the book to flesh out Cat’s backstory without having to spell it out. I am also playing with chapter structure here by writing a passage in only dialogue.


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Ten Years Ago

“Hello? Hello?”

“Sez, it’s me.”


“Sarah, it’s me, Cat. Can you hear me?”

“Oh, I can now. Hey. What’s up?”

“We broke . . . we broke up.”

“What? You’re breaking up.”

“Yes. We broke up. Me and Scott.”

“Hang on. I’m going somewhere quieter . . . okay. Say that again.”

“It’s Scott. We broke up. I’m leaving him.”

“Oh my god, Cat. Shit, I’m, so sorry. What happened? Where are you?”

“We’re in Cannes. I’m trying to get back to Paris so I can go home. We’re at the train station.”

“Oh god. Where’s Scott?”

“He’s at the ticket counter trying to get me on the last train tonight.”

“What happened?”

“He cheated, Sez.”


“I know! I wouldn’t even have known about it, but I saw his email to her.”

“His email, how? And her who?”

“Yes, he used my laptop and forgot to log out—the dickhead.”

“But who’s the girl?”

“Her name’s Helen. He works with her. It started right after I left.”

“Is he even sorry?”

“He’s been crying . . . he says he’s sorry, but Sez, I . . . I just love him so much and I totally hate him. Does that even make sense?”

“It does, darling. Oh, Cat. This sucks so much. I’m so sorry I wish I could be there—I’d fucking smack him in the head.”

“Hah!”—sniffle—“Where are you?”



“It’s just bad luck, the timing. I was in Cannes a week ago. I could have come and gotten you . . . Cat? Are you okay?”

“I just really wish you were here right now. Hang on . . . What? No, that can’t be right. What are we going to do? Hang on, Sez. Oh, for fuck’s sake. I’m not getting in a car with you, Scott. Just, just give me a minute. I’m talking to Sarah. Hi, you there?”


“Sorry. There are no seats left on the train tonight, so I can’t get back to Paris until tomorrow. We have to stay here.”

“What? Together?”

“Well, we have a room booked—we’ve already paid for it.”

“Make him sleep on the floor.”

“I will.”

“Call me as soon as you get back to London.”

“I will.”

“I’m so sorry, Cat.”

“Five years, Sez. Five! And he didn’t even last a month before he started fucking someone else.”

“Cat, you have every right to be furious with him. Are you sure you’re going to be okay staying in the same room with him?”

“What choice do I have? The extra train tickets are costing a fortune. And we pre-paid all the accommodation.”

“Yeah, okay, sure, that makes sense.”

“I’m gunna go, now, okay?”

“Okay, darling.”



“France is a shitty place to break up.”

“I know, Cat. I’m so sorry.”





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