Posted in April 2013

Legends On Stage

Today I saw Darth Vader and Jessica Fletcher – on stage together.           Well, not really, but I did see the matinee of Driving Miss Daisy starring two of the world’s most famous octogenarians. James Earl Jones, 82, and Angela Lansbury, 88, together for 90 splendid minutes. They were joined by … Continue reading

What’s On My…

This blog post is inspired by Renée who was inspired by another, who was inspired by…it goes back a ways… BATHROOM COUNTER: Pretty things in seafoam blue. And tissues. My dad taught me that you should never have to be more than 10 feet away from tissues in your home. Of course, the box is … Continue reading

Gallipoli 1997

In 1997 (February) I was on Contiki’s European Training Trip. This is what I wrote about going to Gallipoli. Leaving Greece we were on a pilgrimage – to Gallipoli.  Most of us were antipodean and we were keen to see where our ANZACs had landed, fought and died, and to pay our respects with a … Continue reading

And all women like pink…

Last week I listened to/watched a wonderful talk by Kirstie Clements, the woman who was the editor of (Australian) Vogue Magazine for 12+ years and was unceremoniously dismissed last year. The talk is an incredible exploration of women in the business world and if you have 25 minutes to give to it, you may just … Continue reading