Posted in January 2013

Social Media ≠ Customer Service

  Last Wednesday I flew into Heathrow’s Terminal 5 (the international part) and knowing I would need a SIM card for my US phone, purchased one from a vending machine. Over the next two days I attempted to use the new SIM card in two different phones.  I even called the T-Mobile helpline. I was … Continue reading

A love letter to the women of Seattle

To my dear friends, Simply, I will miss you. I have been here four years and one month, and in that time you have become not only my friends but my sisters, my colleagues, my collaborators, my mentors, my conscience, my champions, my co-conspirators, my comediennes, my artists, my strength, my wisdom, my vision and … Continue reading

The Last Year

1986: Perth, Australia My last year of high school was a doozy. I triumphed, I failed, I succumbed to fear, I overcame fear, I surprised myself, I surprised others and I made it through. It was 1/17 of my life – and it was 27 years ago – but I remember it more clearly than … Continue reading

2012 in review

The stats helpers prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: 600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that … Continue reading