Posted in October 2008

And we called her ‘Kylie’…

Our GPS on this trip through California and Nevada had an Australian accent. In a land of chewy ‘R’s and rounded ‘O’s, a flat-tack Aussie accent was incongruous, yet welcome, “Make a roit tuhrn in three quahrtehs of a moile.” We got used to it, as I am a native Aussie speaker, and Ben is … Continue reading

Flying the Coop

Today I say good bye to my little mate, Jessie. We have a brief history in the scheme of things. I adopted her from my sister’s brood 2 and a half years ago, and she has been my little sidekick ever since. In my preparation for moving to the states, I am moving out of … Continue reading


Some days you feel like a little kid. You get to play. You laugh a lot. You wonder at the world. Our second day in Yosemite was like this. We awakened refreshed and peeked out the curtain to see just what we’d hoped for: blue sky. We feasted at breakfast – isn’t that why you … Continue reading


When you stand at the edge of a cliff and peer over, looking down nearly a kilometre to the valley floor, you feel a flood of emotion – perhaps exhilaration, maybe awe, even terror. You needn’t choose, because all of these emotions can exist simultaneously. You may even feel powerful, omniscient, as though you oversee … Continue reading

Block head

My brain is starting to work in a whole new way; I think I am actually accessing brain cells that have been hibernating for the past 39 years. I am now calculating distances by blocks. Formerly, I used minutes, as in “It’s about 10 to 12 minutes away,” or kilometres, “Oh, about 5 k’s from … Continue reading


I never do this – post twice in one day – but the first of today’s posts I started last night, and I have just read something that compels me to write again. Charlotte Otter is a South African woman living in Germany, and she write Charlotte’s Web, which is on my blogroll (check it … Continue reading

Third Date

I have been very candid about my month-long love affair with Seattle dating back to January of this year. We had a rocky start, though. It was a Seattle rain storm that took from me a favourite hat and an umbrella, but we soon made up and I embarked on a whirlwind romance with the … Continue reading