Posted in July 2008

Words, words, words

I love chocolate. I love good coffee, red wine, and popcorn from the cinema. I love breakfast cereal, more than I could ever express. I so enjoy a good Pad Thai, and I am all about Vietnamese rice paper rolls. However, I can go at least a day without chocolate, cereal and coffee, up to … Continue reading

Red Tape and Pure Hope

I cried at work today. I hate crying at work. It is worse than crying in front of strangers, and is perhaps exacerbated by the fact that I am a teacher. Kids are sweet and curious creatures, and little distresses them more than a teacher in distress. So, when I showed up for afternoon sport … Continue reading

Diner’s Regret

This will be short and sweet.  I’ve coined a phrase.  Yesterday as we left a delicious lunch, my father rubbed his full stomach, and bemoaned finishing both his entree and main.  “I enjoyed it, but I shouldn’t have had the lamb shank and kidney pie.  I should have had something lighter.”  “Do you have ‘diner’s … Continue reading

Green (card) = Red (tape)

I want a green card. Not a thick piece of paper coloured green, but permission to live and work in the USA indefinitely. More accurately, I want my third green card, because I have already had two. I got my first when I was ten, because my mother relocated my sister and me to the … Continue reading

Window seat

I am not a window seat kind of a girl. I say this metaphorically, and literally. In life, I do not like to sit by the window and watch. I like to get out there in it, and invariably I end up a bit mucky for my efforts. But this is my preference. I actually … Continue reading